Reasons to choose Maejima Hotel


Spacious and luxurious floor plan ideal for families with children and groups

Please relax in the private space reserved on each floor

Convenient access to shopping for sightseeing

A 15-minute drive from Okinawa's gateway "Naha Airport", a 3-walk walk to "Tomari" (Tomari Pier Terminal), the gateway to the sea, which crosses remote islands such as the Kerama Islands, which are attracting attention from divers around the world . Convenient location for minutes.

Walking distance to the international street. There are 24HR supermarkets and many convenience stores nearby, making it a convenient hotel for groups and families to use comfortably.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

"Yukuru" is an Okinawan word meaning to relax and relax. We will provide a'place'where you can relax like your own home with a luxurious floor plan that you can not think of as a city hotel. We will assist you in your stay and sightseeing with a warm and heartfelt service that makes you want to say "I'm home" .

Have a comfortable and earth-friendly stay

Environment friendly & Relaxation

In the future, Maejima Hotel aims to be a hotel that is friendly to the global environment by reducing the environmental load such as CO2 reduction for the future.

The logo of our hotel was designed with the hope that the wonderful sea of ​​coral reefs in Okinawa will be inherited forever.

You can enjoy it freely. I want to stay for another day. And I want to come again and again. Please enjoy the high-quality time that the sea and nature of Okinawa will tell you.