Tomari Pier Passenger Terminal Building [Tomari]

Tomari Wharf Passenger Terminal Building "Tomari"

"Tomarin" is a nickname for the passenger terminal building. The building integrates a hotel with a waiting room and a large parking lot, making it a very convenient place for business and sightseeing by car.


Passenger ships are mainly ports that connect the north and south Daito, Tokashiki, Zamami, Tonaki, Aguni, and the remote islands of Kume Island. There are not only boarding ticket stores for each route, but also Okinawan restaurants, convenience stores, and bank ATMs. The Tomarin Festa, which is held every September, is a secret event that is rarely announced by tourist guides. You can eat and compare the island's exquisite gourmet food while staying in Naha, and enjoy various events such as island special product sales, entertainment shows, mini-lives, and beer gardens.


900-0016 3-25-1 Maejima, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture

Tomari Wharf Passenger Terminal Building Tomari

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