Information around Naha Maejima

It takes about four minutes on foot from the Maejima hotel to Kokusai main street.great access to Tourist attractions. we hope you can make a lot of fun memories.


Tomari Wharf Passenger Terminal Building "Tomari"

"Tomarin" is a nickname for the passenger terminal building. A port where ships connecting the north and south Daito, Tokashiki, Zamami, Tonaki, Aguni, and the remote islands of Kume Island arrive and depart. See details


International street

It is the prefectural capital of Okinawa Prefecture. It is located in a business cluster where government agencies such as prefectures and cities and private companies are located. The street is crowded with about 600 restaurants, souvenir shops, department stores, restaurants, hotels and other shops for tourists. Learn More


"Norengai on Kokusai-dori"

A new spot on the international street that opened at the end of 2019. The feature is to create a store based on the concept of a store loved by the locals. It is mainly composed of affordable stores so that local residents and business people who have finished work can easily drop in.

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"Takeyan Sushi" that everyone in the know knows

A sushi restaurant that opens at 1am. It is a shop that has been loved by locals for over 30 years. The combination of authentic sushi and sake held by the general is attracting many repeaters. See details


Shurijo Castle Park

Shurijo Castle Park is a park consisting of surrounding cultural properties such as the gate of Shurei and the ruins of Engakuji Temple. The inside of the castle is divided into a free area and a toll area centered on Shurijo Castle.

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